Replica Products

We research and supply quality goods for re-enactors and enthusiasts.
You can find us at events across the country or purchase online.

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Montague Heritage Services Products

Historically authentic products

Weapons and arms, battle gear and garb form Early irish and Viking supplies to Medieval, Norman and later historical periods. From cooking and quaffing to tents and living history display tools, these are the products for you.

  • Montague Heritage Services Footwear


    Ankle Boots suitable for medieval costume as supplied to the Jorvik Viking Centre and Emain Macha Interpretative Centre. Turn shoes and C14th mid-calf boots also available.

  • Montague Heritage Services Beads


    Buckles, Rings, Brooches, Pendants and Bracelets.
    Made from pewter, copper, bronze and silver.

  • Montague Heritage Services Drinking Horns

    Living History Equipment

    Drinking Horns, Cooking Utensils, Waxed Writing Tablets, Wax Torches

  • Montague Heritage Services Weapons

    Weapons & Armour

    Battle ready Armour from gauntlets to Breast Plates, GDFB Helms from Viking - C16th, A selection of weapons supplied from Armour class.