Media Work

MHS Combat action crew on King Arthur Movie


Major motion-picture for Disney. Pictured are the Saxons of "7th Company", formed principally of the 26 Combat Action Crew from Montague Heritage Services, whose role it was to make all those battle scenes look as real and as bloody as possible.

Montague Heritage Services in 'Secret Sites' production


8 part documentary produced by RTÉ Cork. Montague Heritage Services provided Costumes, Props & Artists for the Norman, Medieval & Tudor historical re-construction scenes.

Montague Heritage Services re-enacting Druid ritual for 'The Lost Gods'


6 part documentary series exploring ancient Gods. Produced by Tile Films for TG4, S4C and Vision TV (Canada). We re-created scenes for the Celtic programme, with goddesses, druids & warriors. Provided Costumes, Props, Artists, Horses & Historical Consultation.

MHS in the Sea Kindoms for Scottish Televison


10-Part Documentary Series for Scottish Television produced by The Moffat Partnership. Provided Costumes, Props, Artists, Fight Direction & Combat Crew for several episodes, including Celtic, Viking, Monastic and Medieval scenes.

Montague Heritage Services in 'StrongBow'


Documentary for TG4/S4C produced by Akajava Productions & Ffilmiau'r Bont. The story of the Norman Invasion of Ireland, we provided Costumes, Props, Artists, Horses, Fight Choreographer & Combat Crew.

MHS in 'An Miotas Ceilteach' for TG4


2-Part Documentary for TG4 produced by Mint Productions. ` Provided Costumes, Props, Artists, Crafts, Archaelogical Consultation, Fight Direction & Combat Crew for both episodes, including Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age & Celtic scenes.

MHS in 'Brú Ború' production


Interpretative Centre Videos produced Louis Marcus Productions. Provided Costumes, Props and Artists for bluescreen shoot including Celtic, St. Patrick, Viking, Norman and Cromwellian scenes.

MHS in 'GormFlaidh- Princess of Leinster'


Video Projection for Belvedere House produced by Martello Multimedia. Provided Costumes, Props and Artists for whitescreen shoot.

MHS in media productions MHS in media productions MHS in media productions

Other productions include:

"The Abduction Club"

- Samson Films

Pirates Commercial

- Nomad Productions

"Mystic Knights of Tir Na nOg"

- Sharpmist

"Charles' Fort"

- Fitting Image

Dublin Civic Museum Medieval Interactive

- Martello

"St Patrick the Legend"

- Sharpmist

Travel Log

- Channel 7, Australia

"Sleeping Beauty Sort Of!"

- Panto 2000

"Myths and Legends of the Isles"

- Emdee Productions

"The Viking Attack on Athy"



- Icon Productions/Ladd Company