Crafts and Craftspeople

The crafts we have available for demonstration represent many of the major crafts from history.
Below are a few samples of these crafts from the past.

All are based on archaeological & historical evidence, and our work has included displays for the OPW (formerly Dúchas The Heritage Service) and the National Museum of Ireland.

MHS Silversmith Display


Hiberno-Viking & Medieval Silversmithing using authentic tools and materials to produce replica jewellery.

MHS Coinstamping Display


See the Monier use Hammer and Die to reproduce coinage from the Viking Age onwards.

MHS Leatherworking Display


Shoes & Bags based on archaeological finds, handmade before your eyes using replica tools.

MHS Woodworking Display


Essential everyday wooden items from history, replicated and made before your eyes.

MHS Spinning Display


Medieval Spinster at work using a drop spindle to turn fleece into yarn. One of the most basic skills necessary for traditional fabric making.

MHS Tabletweaving Display


Complicated braid making explained and demonstrated with displays of intricate designs upon the loom and tablets

MHS Hearbalist Display


Learn the secrets of the herbs, their uses in food preparation, as luck charms and their medicinal purposes.

MHS Cookery Display


Authentic recipes demonstrated and cooked on an open fire. Using replica cooking utensils and tequniques our experts display traditional preparations.