Combat Team

Our Military displays are based on extensive archaeological & historical research. They range from one-man interpretations to large scale skirmishes.
Below are some of the military figures that are available for display.

Archery Displays have now been added to our range, where you can witness the use of & effects of medieval bows, longbows and crossbows.
You can also incorporate the Have-A-Go Archery into your event.

MHS Bronze age Warrior

Bronze Age Warrior

The image shows a Late Bronze Age warrior. His clothes are based on the Armoy finds and he carries a typical LBA bronze spear

MHS Celtic Warrior

Celtic Warrior

The Celts in this image are British Celts, who were more likely to have been visitors & traders than invaders.

MHS Gaelic Warrior

Gaelic Warrior

The Gaelic Warrior of Early Medieval Ireland. His main weapons are the short spear and shield, as often dipicted in stone carvings & in manuscripts

MHS Viking


The year 795AD marked the begining of Viking raids in Ireland. This fellow, with his large shield, spear & axe, is ready to leave his mark.

MHS 12th Century Knight

12th Century Norman Knight

Strongbow, Richard FitzGilbert de Clare, and his knights had a considerable impact on Ireland. This knight is armed with sword & lance, protected by his kite shield, hauberk, aketon, and helmet.

MHS 13th Century Knight

13th Century Norman Knight

The Knight's equipment had not changed considerably 100 years later. The most notable visual change was in the helm and shield, and of course an increased fondness of jousting and courtly love.

MHS Archer and Crossbowman

Archer & Crossbowman

The Norman armies in Ireland would not have been what they were without their archers. Their firepower combined with the shock of the knight's charge made them so successful. We now provide an Archery display for your enjoyment.

MHS Gallóglach


Anglicized as Galloglas, these were the professional foot soldiers & mercenaries of Scots descent. This image is of a C16th Gallóglach, armed with the distinctive axe these warriors were famed for carrying.